3D images for marketing purposes


These days the competition is very high, so marketers are becoming very active in making and implementing strategies. These ideas and strategies help them to make their product into notice to the potential customers. Also, it is very much important to bring the product which grabs the attention of the customer. Here product designer helps the marketing team to build some realistic photos with the help of CGI technology so that the customers can view them from every possible angle.

These days everyone is into social media handles. People are very active, and through this platform, many come across new launches and their features. So when it comes to launching or upgrading the product, social media is always the right platform to promote the product. Pre visualization of the products helps the marketers to get refined thoughts, coherent vision, streamlined production, and effective storytelling. So, product visualization helps in informing the customers about the product through storytelling as well. Also, it works best to promote the product before its launch. People can view the product before the launch through computer-generated imagery. This will act as a promotional tool, as well. This will give you a different place in the market place. So, CGI software will be able to generate 3d images for marketing purposes.

  • Getting feedback through crowd sourcing- Involving customers while the product designing will help you to get their constant feedback, which will help you to get more options to improve. Through crowd sourcing, you will be able to get reviews on the new product. By fulfilling the needs, you will be able to create a product that will fulfill their demands and will help in creating a loyal customer base. Depending upon the likes and dislikes of the customers after posting will help you to get better insights.
  • Easily convincing retailers- When your product comes into notice online, it will create a fan base of the product. Once you achieve that brand name, it becomes easy for the marketing team to convince the retailers to keep the product on their store shelves. Also, 3D modelling services will help retailers more about the product. You can prepare a presentation showing how you can arrange the product on the shelves, which will grab the attention of the customers. You can also show the product variation like colours, materials, etc.
  • Posts on social media- You can post hints about the product with the help of CGI software, which will develop curiosity among the customers. You can post on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, which will give them an idea about the product and will know about the features.
  • Animations- Not only static 3D images, but you can also turn the model into animations that will give a realistic approach to the product. For example, you can see a couch in a bedroom or drawing room, etc, where a person enters and takes place on the couch. This will induce the customers to imagine them sitting on the couch and how it will look at your place.

So, with the help of CGI technology, the marketers can build a loyal customer base. This will give them a separate space in the market.

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